We customize HR solutions to meet your need, we do not limit you to only the conventional ways of doing things but bring innovative methods to bring efficiency into what you do. Our Human Resource solutions are unending just like the issues around them

Why Us?

We are:
Flexible πŸ’ͺ🏾   Professional πŸ‘”   Innovative πŸ’‘   Efficient ⚑️   Proactive πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Smart Start SL Ltd is led by an HR professional with over 10 years work experience in the HR field and has worked in various industries in Sierra Leone, it is very clear there are similarities but major peculiarities in various industries when it comes to the labor laws in Sierra Leone.

As we translate our passion to build a better workforce in Sierra Leone we are granting a 10% discount to organisation led by women. For any time you advertise with us you will earn points, 10 points will give you a free job advert with us.

Do a smart referral today and earn yourself 10% of the worth of the revenue generated through that client.


Legal & Regulatory

We work with the Ministry of Labour to process certified documents
We obtain your relevant documents for your seamless operation

Total rewards package

Compensation and Benefits Planning and Design
Executive Compensation
Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking
Custom Compensation and Benefits Surveys
Compensation Administration and Internal Communication

Talent Management

Talent Pipeline
Talent Acquisition
Performance Management
Succession Planning
Employee Engagement
Employee Relations

Our services

Employee Recognition

This service for just Le. 1,000,000 and will be published for one week.

Recruitment and job placements

Smart Start provides services to businesses seeking to fill roles in Sierra Leone, across all sectors and positions within an organisation. We have a track record of placing professionals at all levels and we pride ourselves on matching the talent in both skill set and cultural fit to an organisation. For placements we conduct employment and personality tests before sending options to an employer.

HR on Retainer

You may not be able to afford to hire a full-time human resources department, but what if you could still have a human resources professional on your side? Someone to help you navigate the complex details of employment standards and human resources policy so that it makes sense for your organization.

Corporate Training

Our company offers a series of in-house training and public seminars that support individuals and organizations in maintaining and increasing their energy, focus and vision. When we are clear and focused, our personal and professional effectiveness increases. Balancing work and personal life, balancing leadership and management practices, or balancing corporate structure and people processes takes awareness, skill development, and our smart tools.

HR legal and regulatory guide

In Sierra Leone we have slight variations in the labour laws from industry to industry. In this team we have a legal mind ready to pursue any issue at hand to bring the best outcome possible.

Specialized HR project management

When you look at a list of key HR competencies, one thing that often lacking is a good set of project management skills. While it’s easy to try and segment the human resources profession away from the project manager role, we see it as a core part of what we have to do. From time to time, you have HR projects that will possibly consume the time of the in-house team. We are ready to attend to them.

Smart and Easy HR

Sometimes, you just want to call an HR professional and get a dependable advise on a situation at hand.This service is customised after a keen look at the Sierra leone market. On this platform you can call an HR professional with vast experience and you will be able to access information based on your monthly bundle signed up for.

Le. 250,000 - 1Hr/Month
Le. 500,000 - 2Hrs/Month
Le. 750,000 - 3 Hrs/Month
Le. 1,000,000 - 4 Hrs including weekends/Month

Job Advertisements

Want to get the best visibility for your job adverts, advertise here and get the best candidates. We attract only the best so you are sure of a great talent magnet.we are innovative and we use innovative means to get you results.

Who we work with

Many people think HR is very simple and you don’t need to be a professional to do the job as an HR but our clients think otherwise after choosing us. One thing stood out and that is our professionalism and dedication to excellence in delivering our service. Our knowledge in the employment laws of Sierra Leone is exquisite and we can ensure our clients are fully compliant with all employment legislation so we can get your business shipshape in no time at all, but we do it in a way that makes your people feel valued. We personalise HR to fit your needs. Our creative & innovative way of thinking has resulted in a track record of incredible clients, here are a few of them

Domestic Helpers Organisation